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Photos of volunteers and special occasions
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Pictures from Cat Tails uploaded on Sunday, September 12, 2010
Annetta cleans several litter pans. Arlene brings her granddaughter to visit the cats. Blackie makes Anne laugh. Diana checks the medicine sheets and cage assignments.
Diana discovers volunteering involves dishes, laundry and floors. It's really not to hard to find the cats at night. Jane knows there really only one way to get the floor clean. Juanita's day for the lobby cage.
Michelle tries to convince Sasha to come down to be brushed. No, Judy, we really want you in the picture. Ok, we're readdy to leave for Petsmart!. One carrier, three kittens. Being new is easier with your family close by. We understand the Webmaster wants to steal (adopt) us for his family!!!!!
One hammock, three cats. Didn't someone say three's company. Pat and Carol get the dishes done. Peg cleans the lobby cage. Room is clean and lunch is served! Yea!.
There's Judy, in the picture, doing dishes. We have a new bench! We tried to catch Gordon working but that picture didn't come out. Yvonne and Sue on dishes and laundry.

Pictures from Petsmart on Friday, September 3, 2010
Donovan and Bianca at Petsmart Hanging out at Petsmart looking for a new home Help! You seem to have forgotten about us! I just know they've forgotten about us!
How many cats can fit in one hammock? I'm sooooo cute!!!!!!!!! Marion is really, really asleep. Might as well play while we're here!
More hanging._.More looking! P.K. helps out at Petsmart. Still hanging out._.Still looking. Trish and Hershey at Petsmart.

Putting hooks for hammocks and toys in the cages and installing wheels on the cages - September - 2010
Ray helps fix cages to hold hammocks. Trish and Kathy work on the cages, too. Time to hang hammocks in the cages. Ray wins the How Many Towels Can You Balance On Your Back Contest!

Room 6 - trouble is brewing - who is at fault? - September - 2010
Not telling! Still not telling! We don't care how long we have to sit here, we aren't telling you who ripped the drywall. We're just not going to tell!

Pictures from the Cattail's facility - September - 2010
A handful of treats draws a crowd in room 4. Cindy finds an interesting place to sit. Dakota catches a big stuffed mouse. Dakota catches a tiny stuffed mouse.
Diana and Pam introduce some new toys. Jane and Kathy work in the laundry room. Jane folds one of the many towels used each week at Cat Tails. Joanie gives herself a manicure.
Judy tends to the lobby kittens. Lynn gets kitty kisses from a new kitten. Lynn, hidden by Silas, Bob, Pat and Diana greet the room 4 cats. Rocky comes for a weigh-in.
Oh, No.... up to 1.21 pounds -
No Milkshake tonight!
Sometimes there's only one way to get all of the fleas off of a new kitten. Will you please quit flashing that thing in my face? You move one little bookcase and OMG - cat fur!  

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